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Flocon Engineering Pty Ltd is an Australian Owned Family Company with its Road Maintenance Equipment sold throughout the world, we provide a vast range of manufactured equipment for the road rehabilitation and construction industry.

Equipment such as:

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Road Patching or Road Repair Units, Aggregate Spreaders and Bitumen Emulsion Sealing Units, 2400mm Wide Paving Units , Off Road Edge Repair Units, On Road Edge Repair Units, Drainage Trench Backfill Units, Pipeline Trench Backfill Units, Cement or Limil Spreading Units, Portable Bitumen Emulsion Sealing Units, Stanley Hydraulic Hand Held Tools and much more.

Flocon's Road Maintenance Equipment can handle products such as; hotmix, coldmix or premix asphalts, aggregates and bitumen emulsions, cement, lime, soils and most quarry products.

All manufacturing and design are thoroughly checked to ensure that it conforms with best practice and relevant codes that apply to the application.

The product has over Forty (40) years of development since the original concept. Considerable, field-testing has been carried out using the close relationship with customers, mainly Federal, State and Local Government road maintenance authorities. Flocon have owned a fleet of hire units providing a facility for research, evaluation and improvement of the product. 20 years of the hire fleet has resulted in a product that is safe, comfortable, fully tested and risk assessed.

All manufacturing and design is thoroughly checked to ensure that it conforms with best practice and relevant codes that apply to the application.

The product is protected by a generous warranty period. This warranty applies to new manufactured equipment. Service and spare parts are readily available beyond the life of the unit from any office of Flocon Engineering Pty. Ltd.

Proof of performance and innovation include an Australian Design Award, trouble free operation of 1000 units in Australia, units in New Zealand, Malaysia, Western Samoa and China. This record allows you to purchase equipment from Flocon with absolute confidence.

Our first unit was manufactured in 1975 soon after in 1976 the company Flow Controlled Transport P/L was incorporated.

Flow Controlled Transport progressed to manufacture and maintain 8 off 8m3 6×4 units, 3 off 11m3 8×4 units and two 16m3 semi bulk carriers.

From this company Flocon Engineering P/L was formed in 1982 to manufacture and sell Flocon units for ongoing customer requests to purchase. The first asphalt patching unit was delivered to Moorabbin City Council in 1982. Since the first patching unit was manufactured in 1982, Flocon has increased its range of Manufactured equipment greatly, to cover most aspects of road maintenance tasks.

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