Forward-moving Aggregate Spreader

Flocon introduced their latest forward-moving aggregate spreader in 2019, to comply with the new regulations set by VicRoads. The machine's spreader box has eight doors and can spread material ranging from 0.4m to 2.7m in length, ensuring precise spreading of aggregate in the range of 7mm to 20mm. The PLC software in the machine ensures that the aggregate ratio remains perfect throughout the process. The unit can be controlled either from inside the vehicle cabin or via a remote control. In addition, the machine's low product warning system assists the operator in avoiding running over the emulsion seal. The body shaker also assists the operator when changing stone sizes, to eliminate product mix. The unit is able to spread the aggregate both out the front and from the rear.
You can be confident in knowing that the unit has received PBS approval and is fully equipped to navigate any road in Australia.



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