Flocon Engineering Products

Rubber Belt Bodies

We designed these unique machines for laying trench bedding and backfilling over gas and water pipes in rugged conditions. They deposit material evenly and continuously up to three metres to the left or right of the vehicle using a cabin-controlled rubber conveyor belt.

Off Road Edge Units

This road repair machine is ideal for laying road shoulders up to 500mm wide. Its rear-fitted brush and spray attachments allow you to prepare the area and lay the material in one pass, saving time and helping you finish the motorway faster. Operators drive the vehicle partly on the road and partly off-road to spread hot or cold asphalt from the rear chute.

Multipurpose Units

This is an all-in-one machine that can help you do everything from preparing surfaces to spreading soil, salt, and asphalt. These repair machines are available as a medium- or long-wheelbase with various storage bins, tipping bins, and emulsion tank options. This unit combines the power of all our edging, paving, spreading, and emulsion products with controls to set the thickness and width of each material.

On Road Edge Units

Like our off-road edge units, these machines can lay road shoulders up to 500mm wide but operate with all four wheels on the road, sweeping and depositing material from the side of the vehicle. Its rear-fitted brush and spray attachments allow you to prepare the area and lay the material in one pass.

Paving Units

These units are perfect for asphalt road repair projects or paving new footpaths. This ultimate asphalt resurfacing machine can spread hot mix or premixed asphalt up to 2400 mm wide and 150 mm thick. The spreading angle is also adjustable from the fully cabin-controlled automatic system.

Lime & Cement Units

We designed our cement spreader unit for bulk cement and limit lime spreading using a rubber conveyer belt and a built-in spread rate control system. We also offer a portable, self-contained spreader for minor road repairs that’s compatible with various tray bodies and tip trucks.

Emulsion Products

Choose an asphalt repair machine from our range of emulsion-spraying products for road patching, road shoulder repairs, laying hot mix, coating aggregates, and asphalt, and crack filling. This machine range includes emulsion spray bars and lances, trailers, air and gravity systems, and our portable emulsion spraying unit.

Aggregate Emulsion Sealing Units

This unit can spray emulsion and spread aggregates simultaneously in one pass or separate operations. It can spread aggregate across surfaces up to 2400mm wide with an automatic control system, adjustable spray bars, and spray bar cleaning attachments.

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